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What’s the best app to learn French? The top 10 that will make you fluent

best app to learn french

In this article, we’ll show you the best app to learn french that will surely make your learning journey easier.

What’s the best app to learn French?

Do you have any trip plans to a French-speaking nation? Do you wish to master the lovely French language? Or perhaps you’re just too busy to attend classes.

Utilizing a smartphone app is one simple approach to learning the language. It may not be easy to choose just one app because so many may be used to studying or practicing French.

We’ve produced a list of some of the top French learning apps so you can choose the ideal one for you and make your life easier.

best app to learn french


Live language instruction has typically been prohibitively expensive. But one-on-one classes are now more affordable and available than ever, thanks to the power of the internet and video chat services.

This revolution in language learning owes a lot to iTalki.

iTalki doesn’t provide language instruction, unlike the other apps on this list.  Instead, it’s a location to locate and schedule lessons with real instructors.

On iTalki, instructors range from “community tutors” with no formal education to trained professionals with years of expertise.

All you need to do is create an account on iTalki to search for teachers. After that, you can sort potential instructors by price, level of expertise, and even language.

From there, you may ordinarily arrange to pay a nominal price for a sample lesson. This aids both you and the teacher determine if you will get along.

Lessons on iTalki range in price. Every teacher establishes their fee, and some provide discounts for prepaying for several classes.

Some professors will be more affordable than others due to differences in cost of living and currency exchange rates.
ITalki states it provides classes in more than 150 different languages.

More teachers will typically be available for more extensively used or popular languages.

It is still feasible to locate instructors for rare or even extinct languages like Irish Gaelic or Aramaic.

best apps to learn french

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has long been one of the most well-liked language study programs. You may now download the Rosetta Stone app on your mobile device instead of buying the software to install on your PC in the past.

French is undoubtedly one of the most popular languages available on Rosetta Stone, which covers 25 distinct tongues.

Since they employ an immersion-based methodology, you are exposed to real-world conversations immediately and must rely on your innate cues to navigate and begin learning rather than having everything translated into your native tongue.

They contend that by doing this, learning becomes more realistic and natural.

The app includes features like speech recognition technology, feedback to help you with your pronunciation, games, and other challenges to keep you interested while you study.

After a three-day free trial, Rosetta Stone subscriptions cost between $11.99 for three months of French education, $7.99 for twelve months of French instruction, and $179 for lifetime access to all languages offered on the site.

best apps in learning french


Duolingo is one of the most well-known language-learning programs. There are 38 languages available, including French. They assert that five minutes a day is all it takes to learn the language.

Duolingo is special because of its game-like style, which makes it engaging and enjoyable. You can choose various options and paths to tailor the program to your particular needs and learning style, and incentives are offered to keep you motivated.

Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and conversation practice are some of the many features that Duolingo provides.

Although the free software, you may upgrade to Duolingo Plus for $6.99 a month to remove the advertising and access some additional features.

best app in learning french

Hello Talk

By engaging with native French speakers all across the world via HelloTalk, you can learn the language.

More than 30 million individuals use the app, which supports more than 150 languages. Their approach is distinctive since it involves a language exchange in which you learn French from a French speaker and impart your native tongue to them.

You gain exposure to the language and culture from native French speakers. There are several ways to communicate, including text, voicemail, voice calls, and video conversations.

During these interactions, you can benefit from built-in assistance with pronunciation, translation, grammar checking, spelling, etc.

Live French classes are another feature of the program. A free trial and a VIP membership are available for $6.99 a month.



One of the most widely used apps for language learning is Babbel. French is one of the 14 languages that Babbel offers.

Because it is a conversation-based app, the goal is to get you speaking right away by leveraging actual discussions about common topics.

They assert that three weeks of using their technique is all it takes to get you talking about fundamental subjects. Babbel is set up so you can fit it into your busy schedule with 10- to 15-minute lessons.

They offer grammar hints, review exercises, and speech recognition technologies to assist you with your pronunciation.
Additionally, Babbel keeps track of your development so you can see how much you are learning.

The initial lesson is cost-free if you want to try it out. Following that, you can sign up for $13.95 per month (although there are lower prices if you subscribe for several months at a time).

learn french in apps


The Learn French software from MosaLingua makes good use of the Spaced Repetition System to encourage long-term recall. It teaches vocabulary, phrases, and verb conjugations using visual and aural memorization techniques.

Thousands of flashcards with audio pronunciation by native speakers, grammar basics, pre-recorded dialogues about typical situations, and learning advice are just a few of the app’s features.

You can access more stuff as you progress, which will keep you inspired. One benefit of the MosaLingua app is that you only need to spend $4.99 to download it, after which you can use all of the content offline.

learn french in app


The Brainscape uses the Intelligent Cumulative Exposure approach Learn French ASAP app, allowing you to learn the language in manageable chunks and one topic at a time.

The technique gives the appropriate amount of spaced repetition for your learning demands and adjusts to your needs.

They assert their information is equivalent to four years of French in high school.

Over 10,000 audio flashcards, straightforward grammar explanations and verb conjugations, continual feedback to show your progress, and a community of other learners to assist one another are some of the advantages of the software.

You can sample this application for free, but you must subscribe for $9.99 monthly to get the Pro version. You can also get a subscription for a year for $4.99 per month, a lifetime subscription for $129.99 upfront, or a subscription for six months for $6.99 per month.

besst apps to learn french


There are 23 different languages available on the Memrise app, and French is one of them.

The Memrise system uses audio, visuals, and memory techniques like flashcards to blend technology and science with real-life language content to make language learning enjoyable.

Their memory-based learning approach enhances your ability to form connections between words and concepts. Tests and quiz-style games, including Speed Review, Listening Skills, Difficult Words, and Classic Review, are the app’s additional features.

The Learn with Locals video segments, where you can view and listen to actual native French speakers, are another fantastic tool.

You can then compare your pronunciation to that of a native speaker by recording it. If you want to sample Memrise, you may create an account for free.

Then, you can sign up for a monthly subscription for $8.49, an annual subscription for $5 per month, or a lifetime subscription for a one-time charge of $119.99.

best app to learn french


French is one of the 13 languages offered by the language learning program Busuu. Grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, reading, and conversation exercises are all part of their French lessons.

You can select from a wide range of topics, and their machine-learning technology enables customized lesson plans and practice using speech recognition.

Due to its social component, which allows you to connect with millions of other language learners and native French speakers who can provide immediate feedback, Busuu is special.

You may practice your writing and speaking skills, for instance, and then submit them for review. The Busuu program offers teaching in French at various levels and courses for Travel and French Pronunciation.

A subscription is required to access some services on Busuu ($12.95 for one month, $5.95 for a year, or $5.45 for 24 months). However, most of the content on the site is free.

learn french

French by Nemo

There are apps for 34 different languages in the Nemo program. You can study at your own pace with the help of the free French by Nemo app.

You may pick it up anytime you have some free time because it is not based on lessons. To help you commit new words and phrases to long-term memory, their approach introduces new material gradually and periodically examines it.

To start speaking French, this curriculum concentrates on fundamental ideas, such as high-frequency words and phrases you may use immediately. Their features include:

  • Interactive audio.
  • The option to record your voice and compare it to a natural speaker’s pronunciation.
  • A phrasebook that can translate.

You can obtain the necessary content by downloading the app for free. However, you can upgrade the app to the Nemo French Foundation pack for $11.99 to access extra add-ons once you have the fundamental ideas down.

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