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Best French cartoons to learn French

Get ready to go back in time while exploring some amazing French cartoons to make your learning fun and effective.

Cartoons hit us with a string of memories from our glorious childhood days. They help us to disconnect from reality, enable us to be imaginative, and most importantly teach us a lot of things.

French and its relation with cartoons

In France, cartoons are a major source of entertainment. Cartoons and comics account for 12% of the publishing industry.  Most of the famous comics have been telecasted in cartoon versions. Cartoons can help you get a little bit closer to achieving French fluency.

They use simple sentences that are easy to follow and comprehend. Their target audience is mainly kids or teens so it’s fun.  Unlike movies and series, cartoons are short; the ideal duration would be 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

You can explore the French slang and culture whilst adding a burst of laughter.

8 French cartoons to include in your French lessons

Les Aventures de Tintin, Gaston, Asterix et Obelix, and Spirou are the first things that pop into our mind when we mention French Cartoons owing to their popularity.

The exciting factor is that there is more to the list and you can watch all these cartoons for free on their respective youtube channels. Let’s take a look at them one by one as we unlock the inner child in us.

1. Titeuf

Titeuf is a popular character in the French comic world. Initially, it was a comic series that was later adapted into a show. This 10-year-old troublemaker quickly rose to fame and found a spot amidst other famous comic characters.

The show revolves around Titeuf and his adventures with his friends. It takes us back to our good old school days. Titeuf is basically all of us in school, he goes around with a series of questions about life and loves to indulge in pranks.

His witty jokes, embarrassing encounters with girls, and mischiefs with his friends make it relatable and funny enough for all of us. Not to forget his cool hair.

I recommend Titeuf to all those who want to take a trip down memory lane and dive deep into the French slang.

2. Lucas la Cata

Does the name “Horrid Henry ” ring a bell? I grew up watching Horrid Henry(English version) another book adaptation that makes this show a personal favorite.

There was a moment of nostalgia when I found out about the French version. What’s better than rewatching your favorite show from your childhood in your favorite language.

The show follows around Henry, a naughty 8-year-old who does unimaginable horrid things contrary to his little brother Peter who is a perfect saint. Henry often gets into trouble and drags his brother along into the pit.

Enjoy Henry’s tantrums and tricks in the most hilarious way while stumbling upon new French vocabulary and phrases every day.

3. Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke is another addition to the popularity list in Europe, Canada and parts of the series were translated into English.

Luke is a free-spirited cowboy in the wild west with a mysterious aura, accompanied by his smart horse, Jolly Jumper.  He strives for justice and is well known for his excellent shooting skills. He is faster than his own shadow and his traits make him a hero for the common people in the town.

If you love the fusion of action and humor packed in 20 minutes french video then lucky Luke is your lucky charm to learn French.

4. Cedric

Cedric is a classic show about an 8-year-old boy with a big heart. His family disagrees and argues on almost everything but there is a lot of room for love.

Cedric is pretty close with his grandfather who often gives him sound advice to get the girl of his dreams, Chen; however, his solid plans don’t work most of the time.

He often complains about his mishappenings in life. His funny comments and charm will make you fall for this show in no time. With simple and useful expressions enhance your French with Cedric.

5. Les p’tits diables

Les p’tits diables is a show that is way too relatable if you have siblings.  A love-hate relationship between a 6-year-old tom and his 8-year-old sister Nina.

The duo often brings petty issues to their parents’ notice. They put their unique superpowers to use when they are left alone at home creating chaos and commotion.

Their French is slow, easy to follow, and is very effective if you are a beginner who is just starting out. Tom and Nina share a wild imagination that helps us explore unique French words.

6. Corniel et Bernie

Corniel et Bernie is an extremely popular French animated show. It is one of the few French shows that was translated into English.

An exemplary combination between a weird teenager and his highly intelligent dog is the reason behind its huge success.

Corniel is an intelligent dog that can read, write and perform mathematical calculations. His unusual talent is kept as a secret from the world.

However, Corniel often lands himself in trouble that exposes his little secret and seeks the help of Bernie to save him. This fun interesting show is a must-watch for all French lovers.

7. Les Monsieur Madame

Les Monsieur Madame is the French version of Mr. Men in English. Random shapes and figures are represented as characters bringing captivating stories and dialogues.

A delightful show for all the beginners who want to understand spoken French. It also helps us to get familiar with French sounds and verbs while picking up French adjectives along the way.

8. Les malheurs de Sophie

It is very evident from the title that this show is all about the misfortunes in Sophie’s life.  Sophie is a little girl who lives with her stepmother and her cousin Paul in the French countryside.

She is an adventurous and curious girl who often falls prey to her own trap.  The story keeps us engaging with its twists and turns as we travel through each episode.

This show brings your French lessons in style along a cozy and royal journey.

 Let your inner child out!

In the French cartoon world, the list of best cartoons never ends; one thing leads to another. I bet we have stirred up a lot of emotions and memories through these cartoons. Now transfer all those beautiful memories into your French lessons to reach a little closer to fulfilling your language goals.

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