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Cheers in French: 8 happy ways to say it

cheers in french 8 happy ways to say it

Celebrate in French style! This blog showcases 8 happy ways to say “cheers” in French, perfect for impressing your French-speaking friends. Santé!

how to say cheers in french in many ways

How to say cheers in French

Celebrations are an important part of every culture. In English, we say ‘cheers’ to celebrate good health and wish further good health and happiness to your companions. We usually say it when we’re toasting. In the French language, we say ‘Salute! or Cin cin’ and in Japanese, we say ‘Kampai’.

But how do we say cheers in French?

“Sante!” is the most common way to say “cheers” in French. , but of course, it’s not the only one. Also acceptable is ” votre santé! ‘ makes sense since we want to be healthy. It signifies “health.” If you want to toast, you would say, ” la vôtre.”

Sante – cheers

If you find yourself at a French party, you will hear this phrase. In time though, its meaning changed, and now people use it with a different purpose.

It’s believed that this is happening because of the sound glasses make when clinked, so now, it means ‘cheers!’

Sometimes, ‘sante‘ is followed by ‘À votre santé!‘, meaning ‘as to your health.’ Keep in mind that you can just say “À la vôtre” it is perfectly acceptable, too, as the meaning is implied.

  • Eh bien, à votre santé, les gars ; voici à votre bonne santé!
    Well, cheers, guys; here’s to your good health!

A nous – To us

“À la vôtre” is a French phrase that is commonly used as a toast or a way of saying “cheers”. It is a casual and friendly way of acknowledging a shared moment or celebration with others, and it means “to yours” or “to your health”.

The phrase “À la vôtre” is often used when clinking glasses during a toast or a celebratory moment, and it is usually accompanied by eye contact and a smile.

It is also commonly used at the end of a meal, as a way of expressing gratitude and good wishes to the people you have shared the meal with. Overall, “À la vôtre” is a warm and inclusive phrase that conveys a sense of camaraderie and friendship, and it is a great way to connect with others and celebrate the joys of life together.

What does salute mean in French?

‘Salute‘ in French is a formal way of saying cheers in French and is often confused with ‘saluti’, which means ‘greetings.’ You can use ‘salute’ in almost any formal environment.

Just so you know, you can also say ‘salute’ when someone sneezes, wishing them good health, or after someone did something impressive for themselves, like walking 10 miles in an hour. Salute means “health”.

Here’re some examples:

  • Franco non è in buone condizioni di salute.
    Franco is not healthy/not in good condition.
  • Sei il ritratto della salute!
    You are the portrait of health!
  • Ti trovo in salute.
    I find you in good health.
  • Sono stata male, ma adesso sono in buona salute.
    I have been sick, but now I am well/in good health.
  • Vostra altezza goda di buona salute e pace.
    May Your Highness enjoy good health and peace.

Cheers in French at weddings

cheers in french at weddings

As the French like to party, you may find yourself at a French wedding, and of course, you may want to know what to say. Here are some common phrases you can use:

  • Toutes nos félicitations!
  • Félicitations aux jeunes mariés!
    Congratulations to the newlyweds!

This phrase can be used before or after a toast, and it’s supposed to congratulate the new couple.

  • Je te souhaite le meilleur.
    I wish you the very best.
  • Que votre vie amoureuse soit éternelle.
    May your love life forever.
  • Que votre joie dure cent ans.
    May your joy last a hundred years.

This is one of the most beautiful ways to say cheers in French to the new bride and groom. It’s pretty formal, though.

  • Depuis cent ans.
    For a hundred years.

At the beginning of a toast, the best man usually says this phrase, and the guests repeat it after him.

  • Vive l’amour!
    Long live love!

This one is not especially used at weddings, but you can use it anytime you feel like expressing the power of love.

  • Portons un toast!
    Let’s make a toast!
  • Je propose un toast!
    I propose a toast!
  • Je voudrais porter un toast !
    I would like to make a toast!
  • Félicitations!

You can say félicitations directly to the newlyweds.

  • Félicitations aux jeunes mariés!
    Congratulations to the newlyweds!

If you are preparing to make a toast, you can use any of the three phrases above to draw everyone’s attention. They can be used in both formal and informal situations, and it’s always great to make a toast.

More cool French expressions

Celebrations are always amazing, and the French know them better than anyone else. It’s time to have a party now that you know how to shout cheers in French! Learn the following French expressions as well:

  • In French, happy birthday.
  • In French, I adore you.
  • Please accept my thanks in French.
  • Bonjour in French

Are you still translating in your head? Do you want to learn to speak French properly? Check out Stefano’s classes if you want to think directly in French and become fluent quickly!

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