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French coffee: everything you need to know

french coffee everything you need to know

If you’ve ever gone to Europe, you know nothing beats sitting on a French sidewalk café. Learn more about French coffee on this blog.

What is French coffee?

what is french coffee 

When you are learning the French language, part of it is learning about French culture, especially coffee. With the French roast and press, it’s simple to see why so many people consider French coffee superior.

Is it, however, true? Does it deserve the esteem that those of us who live outside of France have put upon it? Today, we’ll address those questions and many more! Continue reading, s’il vous plait.

It’s not a specific bean, brew, blend, or style. It does not necessarily imply that it is made with French roast coffee beans. It does not apply to coffee prepared in a French press. French coffee is none of the above. French coffee is a way of life. It refers to how the French consume and appreciate their coffee rather than what is in their cup.

Many coffee connoisseurs describe French coffee as harsh and prepared from average beans. On the other hand, the flavor, taste, and little relationship between preparation and what it is.

The experience of drinking French coffee is about sitting on a sidewalk café, watching people and the world go by while relaxing and enjoying a hot, strong cup. It’s more of a way of life than a drink.

How to order a cup of coffee in France

Café – means “coffee” in English. You will receive brewed coffee when you order from typical shops in Paris. Espresso is well-known in France. Because it’s often served in little cups, no one will be startled if you request more than one.

Folks in France use these words when they order: “un café” as a café noir. It’s the same: a cup of black coffee with no extra sugar.

  • Café Americain (Also Called Café Allongé or Americano) – If you’re in Paris or touring across France, you should have a café Americain. It’s just a diluted espresso brewed with hot water. As far as French coffee goes, it tastes very similar to what most Americans prefer.
  • Café Noisette – Some compare the French noisette to the Italian macchiato. It consists of a shot of espresso and a splash of hot milk or cream. The French word “noisette” translates to “hazelnut” in English. However, it refers to the color, not the taste, of French coffee.
  • Un Deca – Trying to limit your caffeine consumption? When you want a decaffeinated beverage, tell a French waiter, “un deca.”
  • Café Crème (or Café Latte) – When in France, request a café crème if you’re yearning for a cappuccino. It’s a basic espresso with steamed milk and a lot of foam.
  • Café au Lait – The French typically drink their café au lait in a bowl with their breakfast. It’s essentially your standard drip coffee with a lot of milk.
  • Cappuccino – In France, a cappuccino is an espresso with heated milk, foam, and chocolate powder sprinkled on top. It’s tasty, but it might be different from what you want.
  • Café Viennois – The café viennois is slightly more decadent than a standard latte. This beverage consists of light espresso, chocolate powder, and whipped cream. If you’re an American who enjoys Starbucks, you’ll enjoy it.
  • Café Serré – Try a café serré if you prefer your coffee bitter. This drink is essentially espresso with half the water, giving it an extra-bitter flavor.
  • Café Filtré – Café filtré is drip coffee, which the French do not consume. It is not typical of French coffee culture, although it can be found in ex-pat residences and restaurants, and coffee shops catering to foreigners.
  • Café Gourmand – If you’re only in France for a short period, order a café gourmand. You’ll get a cup of coffee and a tray of delectable tiny sweets to go with it!

What do the French consume alongside their coffee?

what do the french consume alongside their coffee

In this region, croissants and tartines are favorite food pairings, while in America, coffee and donuts may go hand in hand. The French pair their morning coffee with a tartine, croissant, or baguette that has just been made.

The French also enjoy dipping these delectable morsels directly into their cup, just like Americans do with their donuts. Many Frenchmen can be seen enjoying their espressos with a tray of petits fours or other little pastry pieces at various times of the day.

Don’t forget to reward yourself with a café gourmand so you can enjoy those delectable side snacks we mentioned earlier. After dinner, it’s also typical to get a cup of coffee. It frequently goes with a cheese course before dessert.

Since the French enjoys smoking, be prepared to witness lots of smoke! People don’t smoke inside, but if you have your coffee outside on a terrace, there’s a strong chance that smokers occupy the table next to you.

How to drink coffee do

Whatever your opinion of the flavor, the French have mastered coffee culture in a genuinely remarkable and unique way. In Europe, coffee is meant to be savored slowly. It’s not common to see Parisians bashing takeout cups on their way to work; instead, they like to sit, drink their coffee, and take it all in.

You may have plans to travel to France. You may be looking for a simple method to add a little Parisian charm to your house or apartment. There are proper and improper ways to drink French coffee, notwithstanding. The incorrect method is to slather it in sugar and gulp it down as you race to work.

The proper technique is to sit and enjoy it with a friend. Watch the scenery and the passersby while engaging in some thought-provoking discourse. The French approach things this way and are good at it.

So prepare a cup of your preferred roast, whether French or not and brew it however you like. Simply sipping your beverage while observing the passing of time on your patio, balcony, or porch will allow you to experience café culture from the comfort of your home.

French coffee

France has a long history of having a thriving café culture. Just forget about the French roast and French press; they barely have any impact. Attitude is what matters. If you want to drink coffee like the French, whether you want a café express or a café crème, you must allot some time to savor it.

Remember that it’s never about the brew, its preparation, or what it tastes like when you’re at a Parisian coffee shop. Experience is key.

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