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Lovely ways to say I love you in French

french 22 lovely ways to say i love you in french

French is a particularly romantic language. So how can you say “I love you” in French? Learn from this blog.

How to say I love you in French?

how to say i love you in french

The intensity of affection is highly valued in French. Although Italians are renowned to be passionate people, the language clearly distinguishes between romantic and family love. If you rely on Google Translate to deliver a perfect translation of how to say “I love you” in French to English, you’ll lose all the gorgeous, intriguing intricacy.

And save yourself some embarrassment in the process. French is a romantic language with many catchphrases ranging from goofy to adorable. Let’s have a look at the numerous French proverbs for expressing affection for someone, as well as when to utilize them.

I love you in French to your boyfriend or girlfriend

Je Vous Aime – I love you
You can easily express your feelings for someone in French by saying “Je Vous Aime”.
Although it’s one of the most commonly used French love expressions, it’s only appropriate in romantic situations, so avoid using it with friends and relatives.

Je suis amoureux de vous
I’m in love with you

Simply utilize this sentence to communicate your feelings for your soul mate.

Because these two notions are so diverse, saying I love you in French does not mean saying I’m in love with you.

Je t’apprécie vraiment
I really like you

This one is for the start of everything. You should express your feelings to someone before they develop.

Tu es tout pour Moi
You mean everything to me

It’d be wonderful to share this with a close friend or family member.

Tu es l’amour de ma vie
You’re the love of my life

Use this phrase to express your intense feelings for your romantic relationship.

Tu es mon ange
You’re my angel

There is no doubt that some people enter our lives as blessings, and this is the best way to express this.

Tu es important pour moi
You are important to me

Simply say this to someone significant to you. in good conscience!

J’ai besoin de toi
I need you

Although it appears dramatic, this does occur on occasion.

Je suis tout à vous
I’m all yours

You should inform your significant other. Although it takes time and effort, French is a beautiful language!

Je t’ai fermé dans mon coeur
I’ve closed you in my heart

Even though it may sound strange in English, this is the French equivalent of the phrase “you’re always in my heart.”

Tu es ma pensée préférée
You’re my favorite thought

And what better phrase than “you’re my favorite thought” to let someone know they’re constantly on your mind?

Je Veux vieillir Avec Toi
I want to grow old with you

What better way to convey your feelings for someone in French than to offer your life to them?

Je peux regarder dans tes beaux yeux pour toujours
I can gaze into your beautiful eyes forever

When you say something like, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” you can mean it literally.

J’ai le béguin pour toi.
I have a crush on you.

Even though you don’t want to say it most of the time, it’s a good idea to be prepared just in case.

S’il te plaît, souviens-toi/pense à moi
Please remember/think of me.

This can be used when you and your loved one are parting ways, such as in a long-distance relationship. It does not have to be a formal farewell.

I love you in French to your family

i love you in french to your family

For lovers and family members, the French equivalent of “I love you” differs from the English equivalent.

Je te Veux Bien
I want you well

If you want to show your friends and family that you care, “Je te Veux Bien” is undoubtedly the way to go.

It means, “I wish you luck.”

It may not make much sense in English, but it’s a prevalent way to express platonic love in French.

You can use it with anyone, including lovers, friends, family, and pets.

Je veux un monde de bien pour toi
I want a world of good for you

This one elaborates on the previous one.

You can use it to show someone how important they are to you and how much you care about them.

Tu es mon trésor
You’re my treasure

This might sound strange in English, but it is a real thing in French. It’s a lovely way to show your love for your spouse.

Tu es un bijou
You’re a jewel

Like “Tu es un bijou,” you can use this to express how much you value someone in your life.

Again, it may appear strange in English, but it is an essential French expression.Je Vous admire
I admire you

Admiration is unquestionably a form of appreciation, and it’s beautiful to show others how important they are.

Personne n’est comme toi
No one is like you

To emphasize how unique and significant a person is to you, say “Personne n’est comme toi” in French.

How do you express love in French?

There are several French idioms and words for expressing love.

Frenchs emphasize their families and enjoy outward displays of affection, such as kissing on the cheek.

Even if you aren’t ready to start making extravagant public displays of affection with your significant other immediately, learning how to do cheek kissing is an excellent place to start.

French expressions that you will love

french expressions that you will love

It may be difficult to communicate your love for someone in French, therefore it’s critical to be aware of the suitable words to use in certain situations to avoid humiliating yourself. When your relationship ends, it’s time to say your final goodbyes in French.

Common phrases include how to say sorry in French, thank you in French, happy birthday in French, and hello in French. Continue translating in your head. Do you want to learn true French?

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