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What is French marble and why should you buy it?

french marble

Discover everything you need to know about French marble and why it is a great option for your home.

French marble

So you’ve just moved into a beautiful new home, or maybe you just redecorated your apartment. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to bring in some French accent appeal.

Perhaps you found a gorgeous piece of furniture or some artwork but needed to know where to begin. Or you’re planning on redecorating from top to bottom and want everything to match.

Either way, you’ve heard that French marble answers all of your interior design prayers.

After all, what home doesn’t look better when it has an elegant and stylish finish? This blog post will explore French Marble, why you should buy it for your home, and some pros and cons of choosing it as your interior design focal point.

What is French marble?

French Marble is a fine, grey or blue material that can be found in decorative capitals, pilasters and columns. It is quarried from several countries, including Italy, Spain, India and Columbia.

French Marble is named after France because most of the world’s supply of this material comes from the country. French Marble is a popular home décor because it can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

It is also a beautiful choice for kitchens because it is durable and easy to clean. You can use it for countertops, backsplashes, vanities and other areas of your home that require a durable finish.

Why should you buy French marble?

French Marble looks incredible, is durable and easy to maintain, and is one of the most affordable marble choices on the market. Not only will you enjoy all of these wonderful benefits, but you can also use French Marble as an interior design accent.

If you have the funds or your home has a beautiful French marble finish, you will see an increase in interior design appeal. If you are on a budget, French Marble is an excellent choice because it is so affordable.

For example, a single piece of one-inch Marquina Marble will cost you just $23/foot. On the other hand, a single piece of one-inch Black Onyx will cost you just $25/foot.

french marble

French marble: The good, The bad and The ugly

The good: French Marble is durable, easy to maintain and comes in various colors. You can also use it indoors and outdoors, and it is also relatively low maintenance.

Like most things, however, French Marble could be better, so let’s discuss some of its cons. The bad: Be aware that French Marble is porous and will absorb liquids like any porous surface.

This means you’ll want to ensure a solid barrier between the marble surface and anything that might get spilled on it, like a countertop or floor.

If a liquid gets onto the Marble, it can stain the surface. Marble is also susceptible to cracking, so make sure you purchase a product with good strength.

The ugly: Even though most Marble comes from sustainable quarries, a small amount of black Marble is dyed using coal. You may be concerned about this if you have a vivid color palette.

You can find out more about the production of black Marble by reading the “Black Marble” section below.

Which brands of French marble are best?

Image Price Description Marquina $23/ft A single piece of one-inch Marquina Marble will cost you $23/ft. This marbleized variety is quarried in Italy, and it is perfect for kitchens and baths.

It comes in various colors, including white, grey, beige, light grey and dark grey. Both one-inch and five-inch sizes are available. Brocades $42/ft A three-foot long piece of Brocades French marble will cost you $42/ft.

Brocades are another marbelized variety that is quarried in Italy. It is available in black Marble, grey/black Marble and olive/black Marble. Pietra Dura $45/ft. One piece of one-inch Pietra Dura marble will cost you $45/ft.

Pietra Dura is a very durable grey marble that is quarried in Italy. It is very smooth and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Final words

French Marble is a beautiful and durable stone that is extremely low maintenance. It can be used in virtually any interior design application and is also perfect for outdoor use.

Suppose you have the funds or are lucky enough to have a French marble finish. In that case, you’ll see an immediate interior design improvement.

You can also take advantage of French Marble’s low maintenance and affordable price tag to create your home’s budget-friendly and functional design.

French Marble is one of the most popular types of Marble available, and it is often used in commercial and residential properties.

This article will explore what French Marble is, why you should buy it, and some pros and cons of choosing it as your interior design focal point.

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