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Learning French with Vincent : Review

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Learning French with Vincent is one of the most popular learning choices available on the internet.

If you have wondered whether learning French with Vincent would be beneficial for you, here you can find an ultimate review regarding Vincent’s French courses and approach.

About Vincent

Vincent has been teaching French for more than 20 years from universities and high schools to companies and banks, with students from around the world.

He created a wide range of materials for learning French, including videos, audio files, e-books, and apps. As a result of his teaching experience and huge content creation over the years, he decided to share his content with French learners from the world.

In 2007 he started his YouTube channel, firmly believing video is an ideal tool to learn French. He rarely shows up on the videos, mostly because he wants to avoid distractions, and focus primarily on the language. He tries to keep things simple, but at the same time to provide as many details, as he possibly can.

With more than 180 million views and 700 000 subscribers, his YouTube channel offers extensive video opportunities.

Aside from the YouTube channel, there’s also a complete website French4me, dedicated to supporting all levels of learners. He offers videos, e-books, apps, audio files, quizzes, dictations, and more on his website.

Through YouTube, you can watch live classes, chat with Vincent, and take part in a variety of engaging activities. Learn about various idiomatic expressions and historical people as well as take part in dictations, answering questions, and describing photos to test your French skills.

Some of his best resources seem to be the live-streaming classes.

Not only language and grammar, he often focuses on the history of French civilization, films and culture.

1 on 1 French class with Vincent

If you did your research and compared a couple of online French courses on the internet, you may notice that not so many French learning courses involve private 1-1 lessons.

Learning French with Vincent is different, and you can actually book a live lesson with him. To check whether you are a good fit, you can book a so-called single lesson, which costs less than the usual lesson.

The price for one single lesson is 15$, and you’ll be able to get a sense of the future classes with Vincent. As a trial lesson, you have the right not to continue and opt for something else.

Fair and square.

Single, Private, Group, Corporate French lessons

private, single, group, corporate, webinars

With Vincent, you get a wide range of lesson types that suit your needs (private lessons, lessons for family and friends, groups, corporate lessons, single lessons, or webinars for your school or organization). Apart from single 1-1 lessons, you can choose a group class, friend and family class, or corporate lessons.

Corporate lessons are suitable for everyone who owns a company and would like his employees to benefit from learning French. A class for friends and family are for ones who have a member of family or friend planning to learn French together.

As we explained, there is a difference between private and single lessons. Single lessons are trial lessons, allowing you to test the waters with Vincent’s teaching style. The price is usually more affordable than the actual single lesson, once you decide to attend the live course.

Before the Class with Vincent

When booking a class with Vincent, make sure to give him enough information, so the first lesson is as personalized as it can be.

Questions that you are invited to answer

  • your time zone
  • your current level of French
  • other spoken languages
  • your goal with French
  • your interests, hobbies, and favorite activities

Vincent tends to adapt the course to your personal needs and hobbies.

What to Expect in Vincent’s Online Courses

learn french with vincent course

Everything from grammar, pronunciation to even lessons about French history, travel recommendations, or cooking recipes.

When making a purchase, you get to choose between these versions

  • Full Curriculum # Light version (16 courses bundle),
  • Normal Version  (30 courses bundle ),
  • XXL versions (58-course bundles)

Each bundle is made out of multiple courses. What is great is that you can buy each course separately, for as much as 10$. Of course, purchasing the whole bundle of courses comes cheaper.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you get 30 days to change your mind and get your money back.

Learn French with Vincent for Free

With tons of free learning resources, you can benefit from Vincent’s lessons substantially. There’s more than one French course on YouTube.

Take “Learn French in 5 days“, or “Learn French 3 minutes per day” or enjoy the six hours long ride with French verbs and conjugations.

Is it for You?

After learning all about Vincent’s French course, it’s time to make a final decision. “Is this the right French course for me?”

Vincent certainly offers a lot of possibilities for French learners. With him, you can even opt for a private 1-1 lesson, or purchase an online course and learn on your own.

Even if you wish to learn French for free with Vincent, it’s also possible. There’s more than enough video material on YouTube to learn the basics in French.

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