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Learn French with Twitter

Twitter has always been a source of entertainment, a platform to share ideas and differences, and now it could also be a part of your French journey.

Social media consumes a big chunk of time from our everyday schedule. If you spend too much time switching between different social media accounts, here’s a way to make your unproductive hours of scrolling into a mini French session.

Let’s unravel the French side of Twitter with the right words and accounts.

French Vocabularies to understand the Twitter world

Familiarize yourself with the different French vocabularies of Twitter.


  1. Le page profil(Profile page)
  2. Un tweet( a tweet)
  3. La page d’accueil( Home page)
  4. Les tweets tendance ( Trending tweets)
  5. Un abonné/une abonnée( follower)
  6. Mot-dièse( hashtag)
  7. La timeline ( Timeline)
  8. La twittosphère ( The Twitter world)
  9. Les tweetos (twitter fans)
  10. Un petit oiseau bleu (a small blue bird)

Twitter accounts to learn French

In a large platform like Twitter, it gets a little crowded when we group all the best French accounts. I’ll try my best to help you ease your decisions with some of my favorite accounts to learn French.

1. Les Machin (@Les_Machin)

Les machin brings you a concise version of French vocabulary, phrases, and other tips through fun and creative materials. It is owned by Renée & Jules Machin who aims to provide informative pieces of instructions to improvise your French.

All their contents are focused on beginner and intermediate levels.  With Les machin you can also practice and translate French with cool games and quizzes.

2. Films in French (@FilmsinFrench)

This account is for all the cinephiles out there.  Learn French with useful expressions and dialogues from your favorite movies. It is a simple way to catch up on new phrases and words while recollecting the scenes as you scroll through.

They cover a lot of familiar movies and provide English translations of the phrases in their tweet. It is a quick way to grab your French lessons on the go.

3. Le Monde (@lemondefr)

Le monde is one of the most popular and important newspapers in Paris. It covers the national and worldwide news in depth after careful analyzes of the topic.

It is known for its independent views and accurate ideologies. Follow le monde to get the latest updates and familiarize yourself with the political side of French.

4. CitationsDeToujours (@MotsDeToujours)

Start your day with quotes in French from books, authors, and poets with CitationsDeToujours.  Discover vocabularies on a wide area of topics and get to know the different meanings it holds.

These insightful thoughts give us an overview to distinguish English and French in terms of sentence formation. Upgrade your French with each new citation in your timeline.

5. Culturez-Vous (@CulturezVous)

It would be incomplete to learn a language without knowing its culture. Culturez-Vous is an account that fills your feed with almost anything that stirs your curiosity around French art, culture, and travel.

Antoine Vitek started this to demonstrate his love for culture. He shares his discoveries on heritage, music, books, and films. Enlighten yourself with the daily dosage of cultural dimensions and facts in the French world.

6. Learn quick French (@quickfrench)

Experience a piece of everything from the real world that goes beyond learning vocabulary and grammar. Keep yourself engaged with the latest drama, news, and facts that are interesting and essential.

The best part about this account is that it helps you to discover other French accounts. Retweeting the tweets of other popular accounts like Netflix France,  le Robert, le monde, etc enables us to have all the benefits in one place.

It brings all the good things together, adds its own touch of uniqueness, and provides our lessons in a single package thereby helping us to learn French quicker.

7. Caro from France (@CarofromF)

If you are looking for variation in your French routine then this account is for you. Learn conjugations on Monday, vocabulary on Tuesday, citations on Wednesday, and expressions on Thursday.

If you are wondering about the themes for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; It is probably practice, repeat, and regroup to get ready for the next week with a new list to learn.

8. French words (@frenchwords)

Fuel your brain with a list of vocabulary, poems, and quotes every day that helps you to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

French words bring you a group of words that we utilize in our day-to-day life. Additionally, it also provides us a glimpse of France.

9. Pacco DorwlingCarter (@PaccoDC)

Pacco is a French comic artist. His comics revolve around his interactions with his daughter, philosophies of life, his role as a father, etc. His choice of words is simple and easy to understand. Pacco’s funny and classic comics that depict a day in his life are probably the best way to learn French.

10. Vivre Paris (@vivreparis)

Vivre Paris is another account to invade into the French culture. It takes you on a small ride every day to traverse the different corners of Paris.

Explore the beautiful architecture, food delicacies, Parisien lifestyle, and other things to do and visit around in Paris with Vivre Paris.

11. Cuisine et Mets (@Cuisineetmets)

The cuisine is a big part of the French world. Rekindle the inner chef within you with Cuisine et Mets. Learn all the necessary french words that are frequently used in the kitchen.

Try out different recipes and read the names of every ingredient on their website. Enjoy a delicious French meal and have a taste of the French Cuisine from the comfort of your home.

Find your fit

I hope the above list helps you to finalize your decisions. Everyone is adapted to a different style of learning. Find accounts that suit your level and turn your timeline into the most productive and customized French lesson. So, the next time you open Twitter unbox the unknown.

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