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Pimsleur French review: audio lessons that work

pimsleur french review audio lessons that work

Read our review of Pimsleur French audio lessons and discover why they’re effective for learning the language. Find out about the program’s features and benefits.

learning french through pimsleur french review

Although it can be difficult, learning a new language doesn’t have to be. Everyone can learn a new language and become proficient in it with the correct tools and resources.

Pimsleur audio lessons are one such product that has grown in popularity in recent years. We’ll concentrate on Pimsleur French in this review and go over its benefits.

What is Pimsleur?

A language-learning method that emphasizes audio courses is called Pimsleur. It was developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, a linguist who thought repetition and immersion were the best ways to learn a language.

The curriculum is made to support students in mastering conversational abilities in a foreign tongue. It is simple to learn on the go because the lessons are fully audio-based and can be downloaded to a phone or computer.

Pimsleur French: the basics

Pimsleur French is a 30-lesson audio course that is designed to take learners from beginner to intermediate level in the language. The course is broken down into half-hour lessons, which are recommended to be completed once per day.

Each lesson builds on the previous one, so learners can develop their skills gradually.

The emphasis of the sessions is on conversational French, allowing students to gain useful abilities that they can put to use in everyday circumstances. Another method used by Pimsleur French is known as “spaced repetition,” and it is intended to aid students in remembering what they have learned.

This implies that specific words and phrases will be repeated at predetermined intervals to prevent learners from forgetting them.

Pimsleur French: pros and cons


  • Audio-based learning: As Pimsleur French is completely audio-based, students can hone their speaking and listening abilities without having to read or write anything. For people who prefer to learn by hearing, this makes it a great option.
  • Conversational focus: The classes are meant to assist students in acquiring useful conversational abilities that they may apply in authentic contexts. Pimsleur French is therefore a fantastic option for people looking to learn the language for tourism or professional objectives.
  • Spaced repetition: The spaced repetition technique used in Pimsleur French helps learners retain what they have learned. This means that they won’t forget words and phrases they learned earlier in the course.
  • Flexibility: Pimsleur French can be downloaded to a phone or computer, making it easy to learn on the go. Learners can practice their French while commuting, exercising, or doing household chores.


  • Limited vocabulary: Pimsleur French emphasizes conversational skills, thus students might not pick up as much terminology specialized to particular subjects or occupations. This could be a drawback for people looking to study French for academic or professional reasons.
  • Lack of written materials: As Pimsleur French does not include any written resources, students may find it difficult to read or write in French. For individuals wishing to master every facet of the language, this might be a drawback.
  • Price: Pimsleur French can be expensive, especially if learners want to purchase the entire course. This can be a disadvantage for those on a tight budget.

Pimsleur French: who is it for?

Pimsleur French is an excellent choice for those who want to develop conversational skills in French. It is ideal for beginners who want to learn the language quickly and efficiently.

The course is also suitable for those who prefer audio-based learning and want to practice their listening and speaking skills.

Pimsleur French might not be the greatest option for people looking to master every aspect of the language, nevertheless. Also, it might not be appropriate for those looking to learn French for academic or professional reasons.

Pimsleur French: user reviews

Pimsleur French has received mostly positive reviews from users. Users have praised the program for its effective teaching methods and its focus on conversational French.

Many users have reported that they were able to hold basic conversations in French after completing the course. Additionally, the audio-based learning approach has been appreciated by many users who prefer to learn by listening.

Users have complained that the program might be monotonous, which may be a drawback for individuals who find repetition boring. Others, however, have noted that repetition is an important part of the spaced repetition approach, which is crucial for remembering what has been learned.

The cost of the program is another prevalent criticism. Particularly if students wish to buy the full course, Pimsleur French can be pricey.

Yet, several customers have observed that it is well worth the money spent because it has allowed them to improve their ability to hold useful French conversations.

Pimsleur French

pimsleur french conclusion

Pimsleur French is a powerful tool for learning a language that can aid students in acquiring conversational abilities. The program’s effectiveness has been largely attributed to two important elements: the audio-based learning approach and the use of spaced repetition techniques.

While Pimsleur French may not be right for everyone, it is a fantastic option for novices who wish to learn French effectively and rapidly. The course is also appropriate for people who prefer audio-based learning and wish to hone their speaking and listening abilities.

The learner’s tastes and goals ultimately determine the Pimsleur French program’s effectiveness. Pimsleur French is unquestionably a viable option for people who want to improve their ability to have natural conversations in French.

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